Mayor praises volunteers who make town great as Enjoy Beccles More site launches

PUBLISHED: 11:00 04 April 2018

Beccles mayor Richard Stubbings. Picture: Nick Butcher.

Beccles mayor Richard Stubbings. Picture: Nick Butcher.

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This is my last two months of being mayor, and I have enjoyed my time and been humbled by it.

Beccles mayor Richard Stubbings. Picture: DENISE BRADLEY.Beccles mayor Richard Stubbings. Picture: DENISE BRADLEY.

Time and time again Beccles people prove what a good place this is to live.

It is not perfect, like all towns we get surges of crime and disorder, but on the whole the people of Beccles make me proud.

For example, I keep hearing about people who volunteered to go out in the snow and help others. There was a group of 4x4 owners who took it on themselves to go out and dig people out, there were those who got their shovels out and cleared the snow from the streets, there were those who stopped by their elderly neighbours to ensure that they were alright and had food and heating.

I would like to be able to thank them all individually, but so many are unsung heroes who did not give their names. So I will say thank you here to all these helpful people, it is you who help make Beccles what it is.

The thing is, once you start, it is difficult to stop. There are so many people who go out to help improve our town. There are the gardening volunteers, the Beccles Bombles who litter pick, the neighbourhood watch volunteers, and so on. Whenever you start to produce a list there is always the fear that you miss some group off. So thank you everyone. Thank you for making Beccles great.

This is why the new website and Facebook page “Enjoy Beccles More” will be a fun place to celebrate everything there is to like about Beccles and anything you will want to improve for the future.

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